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 Mini Framed Original with Australian Hardwood float frame.


A piece from the ‘SECRET GARDEN’ Collection. Secretly hidden underneath a sole stemmed bloom is another painting of my signature quirky florals in vibrant tones of emerald, aqua and ochre, providing a highly textured and intriguing layer of interest beneath this simple bloom that stands proud within its pink surround.


Utilising negative space painting the main subject was revealed over top of the original artwork.


All artwork is finished with a subtle layer of clear gloss finish to enhance the colours with the sides of the canvas blackened and shadowed in my signature vignette style.

Artwork is initialled NE on the front and named, signed, and dated on the back.


Certificate of authenticity included


These framed Mini artworks sit flat on any surface. They look great on a shelf or console as stand-alone piece or accompanied by other curios. They are equally fabulous hanging on the wall alone, or in a grouping.


Would suit any Modern, Classic, Eclectic or Mid-Century Interiors.

Emerald Eye

  • FRAME: Custom Australian Hardwood Float Frame

    SIZE: 28.5 x 28.5 x 5.5 cm

    Ready to hang

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